Update for January 19th 2015

 This week I spent a LOT of time not so much adding new user facing features so much as on infrastructure that peripherally adds a couple features. If you don't see the difference immediately don't beat yourself up; kind of a confusing concept.

Still, feature wise for all MojiTrac users, this week we have 2:

  1. Daily Reminder Notifications
  2. Task Auto Archive

The Daily Reminder Notification is essentially an email that gets sent every day. Right now, there isn't scheduling or configuration just yet, but that's planned for a future update. The email will contain your most immediate tasks based on end date and include all tasks from all your MojiTrac accounts. So, for example, if you're like me and have a MojITrac account for your business, and have a client who's invited you to their account as well, you'll get reminded for all tasks in a single email.

The Task Auto Archive is actually pretty straight forward; every day at around midnight PST (also to be configurable later) MojITrac will update all Tasks that have been set to Complete and haven't been touched for at least 6 days to a status of Archived. This will prevent the Task from showing up on any page except for the Task List views where all Tasks are displayed. Think of it as housekeeping to make sure only what matters and is relevant is front and center.

The above were actually the easy part; to accomplish it all required building a Cron style mechanism into MojiTrac. Not that big a deal for 99% of users, but for developers or those planning on purchasing MojiTrac when it becomes available later this year, this is a truly nice feature. Essentially, developers will be able to create Cron jobs easily and with minimal pain for MojiTrac.

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