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Update for January 12th 2015

Today brings a slew of updates and bug fixes to tighten MojITrac up where I could. It's been hectic, still, with trying to close the client work so I can focus 100% on MojiTrac, but I'm still crossing todos off the list:

  1. Adds validation requirement to prevent users from inviting themselves
  2. Fixes Task notification emails
  3. Fixes File notification email content
  4. Removes status dropdown for file revisions when containing file is set to "no approvals needed"
  5. Fixes Project Name display on File form
  6. Finishes File Revision Notification
  7. Fixes File Revision url in timeline
  8. Adds filtering by project in the sidebar activity log
  9. Removes submenu links from project view
  10. Adds encryption and decrytion (hashing) to Hash Model
  11. Adds AlphaNumeric validation requirement to subdomain input
  12. Adds missing file revision upload time stamp

This week should be plenty productive. I'm hoping to get the daily, scheduled, notification emails out next, but it's a BIG problem and other, smaller, things are coming up. Still; it's gonna be fun!

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