Update for January 5th 2015

This has been a really productive week with lots and lots getting done! 

First, the official MojiTrac site has gone live. I built it on the new content management system Craft from my good friends at Pixel and Tonic. This was my first opportunity to use their CMS but, true to their reputation, P&T created an excellent piece of software. All told, it only took around 30 hours to build (using a Bootstrap CSS template) and there was minimal pain. 

As to MojiTrac, the app, lots got done there too though most were related to bugs and cleaning up existing functionality.

  1. The Contextual Help functionality has been removed for now while the new UI is worked out. 
  2. Fixes view all files link under company list
  3. Adds Image Preview to Files
  4. Fixes missing company data from files with only company relationship
  5. Removes legacy zf1 validation logic
  6. Adds batch script to generate documentation

This week I'm planning on focusing on the daily notifications, so users can start getting their todo list in the inbox when they want.

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