Update for December 22nd 2014

So far I've gotten some detailed feedback on what's working and what's not. Here's a list of what's been done to get MojiTrac ready for official release:

  1. Adds check to ensure a user is attached to the active account before allowing for removal
  2. Fixes URLs on User view to link to invite
  3. Removes requirement for unique key and option_name for settings table
  4. Adds messaging to reset password page
  5. Removes ability to edit Users from other accounts (PM)
  6. Removes ability to control User Roles from User Edit page
  7. Sets all attempts to edit a user to use the currently logged in 
  8. Removes ability to edit other users
  9. Adds UserRole form to change Account User Roles per account
  10. Fixes ProjectPriority image output
  11. Removes report icons and links
  12. Moves PM Setting defaults from Application module into PM module
  13. Sets Time Tracker form to default to billable

All the above has been pushed live and ready to be played with.

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