Welcome to the Functional Beta Phase!

 Ok. So, I bet you're all wondering why you're here... Me... too... actually... ಠ_ಠ

Oh, right, the MojiTrac Functional Beta. That's why we're here.

So, what's MojiTrac then?

MojiTrac is a brand new and stand alone Project Management System from mithra62 that's all about solving Project Management woes. I think everyone can agree that Project Management, by itself, sucks, but when you add in unique business requirements, our individual peccadilloes in our individual tools, and just how many tools we, as professionals, have to coordinate with, things get complicated really fast when it comes to picking a Project Management solution.

MojiTrac is all about solving those pains.

Eventually. Not now though. Tomorrow maybe. Not now though.

Right now, with the Functional Beta, we're only concerned with a few things.

  1. Does the built-in MojiTrac functionality work safely and securely?
  2. What piece of functionality is missing that you'd like?

Big focus should happen answering the question, "Can I do something I shouldn't?"; examples would be:

  1. Viewing other people's data (that would suck)
  2. Accessing account's you shouldn't (suck)

If you find anything of note, use either the BugHerd tool provided inside MojiTrac, or here in the forums.

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